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Prathiwi Widyatmi Putri (Jakarta, 1981)

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Some testimonies and stories from others

Bajawa, Flores 2006

” Prathiwi is a socially concerned researcher who brings her analytical insights to work in her community engagements. I had the pleasure to be her colleague for three years in the project Rule and Rupture – State Formation Through the Local Production of Property at University of Copenhagen, where she worked with the micro-politics of urban water management in Jakarta. Prathiwi is a supportive and caring colleague, who, with her calm presence and constructive critique, helps lift other people up and bring cohesion to the group. Activist at heart, Prathiwi works with integrity and respect for the people with which she engages, and I hope for the chance to collaborate with her again.

Inge-Merete Hougaard, PhD Political Ecology; Post doc at Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies (LUCSUS)

” Prathiwi has an extensive experience in working on urban issues. I met her in the mid of 2015 when I worked for Cordaid to initiate an urban resilience strengthening project in Marunda, Cilincing, North Jakarta. At that time we needed a strong profile of urban planner to help us strengthening the design of the Marunda Urban Resilience in Action (MURIA) project. Prathiwi assisted the MURIA team, which consisted of Bina Swadaya Konsultan and Caritas Indonesia Yogyakarta Office, to deliver a study on the Strategic Spatial Planning of Marunda. This study was mainly delivered through some Focused Group Discussions with Marunda community groups, Participatory Urban Neighborhood Appraisals (PUNA) and some spatial planning document reviews in 2015. This study was made to support the resilience strengthening measures of Marunda community. It has helped providing clearer pictures on the fundamental problems faced by Marunda community: from ecosystem degradation, social-ecological disasters to other impacts of climate change. This study findings became a living document which was regularly updated based on participatory disaster risk appraisal performed in the MURIA project (2016-2019). Therefore I do acknowledge and appreciate Prathiwi’s expertise and skills in the urban planning sector as reflected in her good deliverable in the project. “

Johan Rachmat Santosa, Former Cordaid Country Program Manager in Indonesia

Durham, March 2009

” I met Ami, in Banda Aceh, just a few months after the Tsunami, when Oxfam was recruiting Indonesian professionals to scale up its housing reconstruction programme in six districts across the devastated Aceh region. Ami came across as a very calm and confident professional during her interview. Therefore, without any hesitation, I gave her the responsibility of kick-start one of the housing reconstruction programme in the Aceh Jaya district, where many of the villages were wiped off and the communities were resettling in various locations.

As a Team Leder, Ami was able to grasp her role very quickly and assessed all the settlements that needed support. By coordinating with her team, Ami then selected the areas where work could start. Ami not only used her innovative approaches to develop community-based settlement planning methodology, but she was also culturally sensitive to the special needs of the people. Ami organised participatory planning sessions separately with both women and men to facilitate in-depth discussions on the pros and cons of resettling communities in these new locations. Ami was able to address the special needs of the people with disability and incorporated them into the design process.

When the construction process started, Ami coordinated with other Oxfam programme teams to ensure water sanitation and income supports are provided to these newly built settlements in parallel to rebuilding. Ami was managing a team of five to monitor the day to day progress of construction. She successfully represented Oxfam in external meetings and liaised with local governments to ensure a smooth transition for community-led land ownership process. Ami was able to endure hardship and encourage her team, especially women colleagues to be assertive. Ami spread positivity and optimism to the tsunami recovered communities during her two years of working in a new and remote environment. As a result of Ami’s hard work, Oxfam demonstrated one of its first few relocation process where communities of three villages could restart their lives. “

Rumana Kabir, independent consultant; former shelter co-ordinator Oxfam GB Aceh Tsunami Response.

Duisburg Nord, February 2008

” Prathiwi works with heart and passion like non-other. Her deep on the ground experience, sensitivity for the local community experience and professionalism is her asset. She stands out from the rest, as partners real development world experience with academia. Working together with Prathiwi in Vietnam on the GIZ project for Flood Proofing and Drainage for Mid-sized coastal cities for climate change adaptation, her expertise helped bridge the gap between engineering solutions and urban-spatial planning concepts of Green Architecture into something that was applicable, practical and feasible for the local government. It would be a credit to have the ability to work with her again. “

Veda Sayakoummane, Alumni TUM Munich, Master of Sustainable Resource Management.

” I invited Prathiwi to give a lecture on an Environmental Resource Management module I convened in 2016 as part of the Urban Management masters programm at the TU Berlin. Prathiwi spoke about her research and consultancy work on water and sanitation in Indonesia and Viet Nam to the international group of UM students. The ease, passion, intellectual depth and pragmatism with which she delivered the lecture and engaged the students in a heated discussion on water management issues was one of the highlights of the course. The students were very grateful for her sharing her knowledge and experience as they saw much relevance and overlap to the situation in their home cities and countries. “

Dr. Rosalina Babourkova, Research Associate, Futurium, Berlin; previsouly Research Associate Urban Management Programm, TU Berlin

” I met Ami as a fellow master student in Leuven in 2007. We literally connected from the moment we met on our first day, waiting in the hallway for instructions. We have been collegues and friends eversince. 

During our time in KU Leuven we worked closely together and i got to know Ami as an intelligent and warm woman. She has a clear vision and a kindness in her communication which makes her able to connect and really convey the story she is telling. She is strong and knows how to bridge visions from different backgrounds.

As a professional, her social commitment, focus and determination to make a difference in local communities is an inspiration to all. Her hands-on approach combined with a strong academic background is what sets her apart.

I have learnt a lot from her, both as a collegue and as a person. When the opportunity presents itself, it would be a great pleasure to also join forces professionally.”

An Cornelis architect urbanist, co-founder faktordertig architecten.

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