Stormwater Management Planning

An excerpt from the final report, a drawing explaining about the basic drainage system (underground piped network) and the overall system (underground-and-above ground system)

About the Project

Name of the project: Flood-Proofing and Drainage for Mid-sized Coastal Cities for Adaptation to Climate Change.

The main goal of the project was to foster multilevel and cross-sectoral cooperation in flood risk adaptation. One activity was capacity building in non-conventional drainage planning, seeking for alternatives in infrastructure provisions, including widening the technical options and widening the opportunities for different actors to contribute. Prathiwi’s involvement was in the second phase

The capacity building in planning involved Quang Ngai, Quy Nhon, Tuy Hoa, Nha Trang and Soc Trang. These cities were categorised as medium-sized city of Viet Nam. From these cities, only Nha Trang had more than 300,000 populations. Nevertheless, they vastly grew. Moreover, some parts of these cities had relatively high population density. This feature made the city comparable to Da Nang that is much bigger in terms of the total number of populations and the size of urban area.

In facing calamities due to climate change, including the more unpredictable pattern and behaviour of precipitation, these cities cannot merely rely on underground drainage systems. It was estimated, within the horizon of 2030, that the volume of rainwater to be accommodated in the underground stormwater system will exceed the capacity of the existing piped networks. Not only it is impossible to reinstall stormwater pipes with bigger diameters (due to the cost), this system is also too rigid and it cannot follow the dynamics of societal change in facing climate change.

Prathiwi’s main task was to assist Jozef de Smet the lead water engineer to develop an approach to over-ground systems. Jozef was a great tutor in her first experience working under the context of climate change adaptation. In his leadership, Prathiwi managed to optimise her urban planning expertise. Below document was one of the presentation files made for one of the many trainings provided by GIZ to assist public agencies in climate change adaptation. Prathiwi has written an article partly explaining about the project, in Trialog volume 126/127.

A river front in Soc Trang, November 2014
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